Adoption Services

Ensuring customer success by driving value realization

“Customer Success is going to be one of the major forces - perhaps the overall #1 driver - that will reshape the cloud-computing industry in 2018”

–Forbes, November 2017

Customer Service is evolving rapidly into Customer Success.

Let us help you make this journey to create an impactful customer experience that converts customers to advocates and reduce churn

  • Ensure your corporate culture is dedicated to creating a seamless experience for your customers resulting in subscription renewal and expansion of recurring revenue
  • Empower your Customer Success team to be a guide for your customers to attain their desired outcomes
  • Maximize the reach and effectiveness of your Customer Success software with engaging content


Services Include:

Customer Success Team Development

Job descriptions, candidate identification, workflows, QBR templates and training, outcome discussion templates

Metrics Development

Perception, utilization and targeted benefit

Content Creation

Interactive self-service education, live instructor led training, targeted “How Do I” videos, “How Should I” marketing and communication assets

Mainstay Differentiators



Best Selling Book

“Competing for Customers”, 2016


Oracle Marketing Cloud conference Speaker

“Defining Customer Success”,  Las Vegas – 2017



Solution Value Thought Leadership Service

15 years experience positioning solution value for leaders including: Cisco, Ericsson, HP, Oracle, IBM, Deloitte


Business Case Pre-Sales Services

Hundreds of business case studies collaborating with sales teams for enterprise accounts.



Advisor Business Value Cloud Platform

Sales enablement engine for top companies (e.g., EMC/Dell, Cisco, Forrester)


Tool Design & Adoption Services

Turnkey services to research, design and train in addition to develop and host tools.

Cisco Domain Expertise


Over 650 collaboration financial analysis cases

…delivered for Cisco customer opportunities


Detailed Collaboration Tools Already Developed

…including value drivers and benchmarks expertise; data captured over past 15 years of partnership with Cisco.