ensuring your customer's success by driving value realization

With Mainstay’s value enablement services

ensure your customers are realizing the full value of your offering by converting users into advocates

value enablement services benefits

accelerate revenue

Ensure renewals and support cross sell, upsell and expansion.

incorporate Value into your cx process

With proven processes that align your customer success team’s incentives with impact.

scale your customer success team

With experienced resources that can quickly develop and execute a remediation strategy for at risk customers.


Adoption services to ensure subscription renewal and expansion

IT business value audit

  • 3rd party quantification of realized value and impact

IT business impact analysis

Identify business needs, ramifications, and desired outcomes

  • Software adoption strategy and plan development

  • Visioning workshops

  • Metrics development

  • Communications strategy


customer success execution

End-to-end adoption plan implementation

  • Content and asset creation

  • Instructor led education

customer success management

Ensure ongoing value realization

  • Quarterly/annual assessments
  • Measurement and benchmarking
  • Ongoing communication and solution education


People-centric methodology

  • Focused on the people side of change to deliver programs that meet the unique needs of each customer’s culture.

  • Prosci certifified: Mainstay understands that the first step in managing organizational change is understanding how to manage change with a single individual and influential personas.


  • Decades of experience in developing and executing adoption plans for G500 and mid-market organizations.
  • Deep background in adoption process for technology partners such as Cisco, VMWare, Dell, IBM, Oracle.

cost effective

  • Mainstay helps you scale your external team to address the unique needs of large and mid-sized customers.


  • Proven methodologies enable our team to quickly create custom plans and deliverables to accelerate your time to realized value.

holistic approach

  • End-to-end capabilities for content development, research, and ROI/TCO calculator creation.