increasing pipeline velocity and lead quality

Shifting the conversation from price and features to benefits and value

Marketing Value Advisor™ enables rapid tool development without sacrificing creative to increase lead generation conversion rates

convert website visitors to high-value leads with Mainstay's Value Advisor Platform

  • Frame the conversation on value vs. features
  • Increase visitor engagement and identify high-value opportunities
  • Give website visitors a reason for entering contact details
  • Convert marketing qualified leads (MQLs) into sales qualified leads (SQLs)


lead generation

Quickly deploy interactive tools that enable a prospect to see the value of your offering.

market intelligence

Tools collect key prospect data to shape future communications and segmentation.

executive-ready reports 

Create dynamic, graphics-rich reports, empowering prospects to share your solution’s business impact within their organization.

simplified deployment

Rapid deployment of fully customizable calculators with pre-configured integrations into your marketing automation solutions.

sales acceleration

Integration with salesforce and other CRM tools ensures customer data is available to your sales team.


Mainstay’s Marketing Value Advisor™ is an enterprise-ready cloud solution that accelerates your demand generation efforts


100% custom UI/UX design to leverage your brand and support any language and currency


Optimized for mobile and desktop environments and supports any browser

detailed analytics

Graphical, data-driven usage reporting

dynamic assets

One-click generation of branded customer facing deliverables


Open APIs with all leading CRM and Marketing Automation solutions


Highly secure cloud architecture protects your prospect and customer data

generate leads

Quickly launch interactive calculators that build high quality leads and provide pre-contact insights on prospects

accelerate sales

Arm sales with prospect intelligence prior to first contact

reduce churn

Capture realized value metrics to support marketing content and case studies