engaging the world

Mainstay engages with clients and their customers in every corner of the globe.


We employ conference calls and discussion guides to gather maximum information from customers with minimum business disruption.


For deeper dives, we coordinate visits to customer sites to capture a more personalized story with a range of creative options, including video productions.


We leverage our multi-lingual global partners to support customer initiatives in each country. Mainstay oversees every phase of the engagement.

“The workshop we held at the customer’s site uncovered a lot of insights that wouldn’t have been possible with just a phone interview. It made a significant difference in building the business case. Everybody agreed the face-to-face engagement was well worth the time and expense."

– Mainstay client in Germany

mainstay global engagements

Mainstay is based in the U.S. with clients located across North America, Europe, and Asia. Our customer success and business value engagements span virtually every industry.

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