drive adoption and reduce churn

With a platform for measuring and communication realized value

Customer Success Advisor™ makes it easy for customer success teams to quantify a customer’s realized business value and generate a “QBR-ready” executive presentation

understanding the realized business value of technology is a key driver of customer satisfaction and renewals

  • Most companies do not integrate business case development and associated data with customer success QBRs, making value quantification difficult.
  • QBR analyses and data are often trapped in Excel and PowerPoint making collaboration, reporting and time-series analysis difficult.
  • Customer success teams find it difficult to scale these analyses because of limited resources.


customer success Advisor™ provides

  • A cloud-based platform that integrates with sales business case analyses to provide a jump start for value realization efforts.

  • A standard approach to value realization calculation and reporting to ensure quality deliverables across your customer set.

  • A platform to integrate with your existing customer success and CRM solutions.



Mainstay’s Customer Success Value Advisor™ is an enterprise-ready cloud solution that scales your value selling efforts


Strict adherence to security best practices ensures Advisor™ meets your organization’s InfoSec requirements


Advisor™ integrates with all the major CRM and customer success platforms


Advisor™ enhances your ability to report on value-oriented customer benefits


Advisor™ auto-generates QBR assets, allowing your customer success managers to focus on what they do best – building lasting relationships with your customers

increase renewal rates

Customer Success Advisor™ proves the value achieved to reduce churn

enhance executive-level relationships

Enhanced QBR reports provided by Customer Success Advisor™ drive stronger executive relationships

accelerate upsell/cross-sell opportunities

Customer Success Advisor™ provides the evidence that your solution has delivered business results, accelerating the customer’s willingness to take that next step

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