increase your pipeline velocity with demand generation and content marketing

Mainstay delivers B2B marketing assets and campaigns to help accelerate your sales funnel


    Mainstay provides a broad range of B2B marketing services, including content marketing, creative services, demand generation campaigns and value selling tools that help to
  • Accelerate pipeline with content and messaging that articulates your solution’s business impact
  • Fill your sales funnel with qualified leads from effective multi-channel demand generation campaigns
  • Increase the impact of your sales and partner teams with assets that quantify proof of impact
  • Reach higher into organization with value messaging that engages your prospect’s decision makers


demand generation campaigns

Mainstay’s marketing team develops strategy and executes integrated multi-channel digital marketing campaigns that leverage marketing automation:

  • Campaign strategy
  • Persona development
  • Targeted value-based messaging
  • Multichannel approach – email, ads, search, social
  • Email drip campaigns
  • Paid search and paid social
  • Measure success against KPIs


content creation

Mainstay’s team creates content marketing and sales enablement assets that help articulate your point of view and proof of value:

  • Competitive research
  • Case studies / White papers
  • Ad campaigns
  • Video testimonials
  • Sales collateral
  • Social media / Thought Leadership / blogs


online ROI/TCO calculators

Mainstay’s Advisor Value Platform™ allows you to quickly launch interactive lead generation and nurturing tools.


business value-based methodology

  • Demonstrated process for identifying the value levers and quantifying the business impact of your offering.
  • Our “Develop once — use many times” approach enables you to cost effectively incorporate your offering’s proof of value into a broad set of marketing assets and collateral.


  • Decades of experience in developing and executing marketing strategy and plans for G500 and mid-market organizations.
  • Deep background in content development for technology vendors such as Cisco, VMWare, Dell, IBM, Oracle.


  • Proven methodologies enable our team to quickly develop and deliver content.

holistic approach

  • End-to-end capabilities for content development, research, and ROI/TCO calculator creation.