Ensure hybrid work success with change management

Mar 31, 2022

How change management can help with the cultural, behavioral, and process changes that happen when moving to hybrid work.

How boosting change management efforts and increasing communication resources can help successfully drive the people side of cultural changes.

by Gillian Arthur, Consultant and Strategic Writer, Mainstay

Communication, collaboration, and immediate responses. The organizations that can accomplish these things are most likely to succeed as we continue to evolve today’s Hybrid Work Model. But we know a lack of change management and communication resources still keep our clients up at night. Most recently, companies like Salesforce are advocating for change management as a sort essential “readiness plan” for our changing technological landscape. So why is this still an issue and how do we get employees to not only adapt but adapt successfully to the “new way to work”? The answer to this question starts with addressing one thing: the people side of cultural change.

In our blog series, we’ve already talked about how difficult it can be to balance hybrid work choices and how to make the change from a remote workforce to a hybrid workforce but how do you do all of this on a human level, not a business level?


The People Side of Change

First, it’s important to acknowledge that change doesn’t come easily. Be mindful that your employees can be overwhelmed when adapting to the new way of working especially when they lack access to basic information around what your Hybrid Work Model means to them and what they must do to adapt. The cultural, behavioral, and process changes necessary to move to a hybrid work model must allow your organization to achieve your targeted business goals.

You’ll want answers to important questions like:

  • How can our organization identify whether we’re ready to move to a Hybrid Work Model?
  • What changes to our business processes are necessary to enable Hybrid Work?
  • How do we address possible resistance to change from our employees and associates?
  • What types of communications and marketing collateral do we need to support our new work model?

You want to enable strong adoption of whatever work model you choose. Doing this means you can increase revenue, manage costs, and mitigate risk.

We can help with that.


Change Management and Customer Adoption Services

Mainstay Adoption Services works with you to address the barriers to change throughout your organization. Our Prosci-certified Change Management Consultants can provide customized processes, tools, and techniques to help ensure you make the necessary adjustments and eliminate any barriers to adopting to your specific hybrid work model — thus allowing you to implement changes sooner. We use a programmatic approach to address the full range of cultural, behavioral, and organizational barriers that often interfere with people’s ability to accept and embrace changes in the workplace.


What do change management consulting services look like?

Our experts can assist you to:

  • Identify your readiness to adopt your hybrid work model with our assessments and benchmarks
  • Redesign business processes to close the gap between current and future capabilities
  • Assess, promote, and support process and cultural changes using leading practices, including assisting you to:
  • Determine your organization’s change readiness
  • Develop leadership best practices
  • Build collaboration networks in your organization
  • Plan for and manage user resistance to change
  • Create plans for training and coaching users
  • Develop best practices for communications and marketing
  • Create reinforcement and rewards programs


If your HR team is interested in more solutions to change and communicate to the people-side of your organization, we can help. At Mainstay, our Prosci-certified change management professionals are uniquely qualified to help address post-pandemic changes in workplaces. We can identify a change management solution to fit your company’s new initiatives and policies—we might even find a solution to an issue you didn’t know you had! Contact us at sales@mainstaycompany.com.

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